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Singer Feet
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Singer Feet

Your Singer sewing machine does much more than fasten pieces of fabric together with a needle and thread. The fabric, the needle, the thread and the Singer feet work together to provide a variety of stitches and finished edges for your sewing projects. Whether you need a replacement Singer foot for your Singer sewing machine, or there's a strand of pearls you'd like to add to your garment, the Sew Shop offers a large selection of Singer feet to help you capture every stitching detail of your sewing project.

Since it holds the fabric taut and in place, as the needle and thread stitches the fabric, your Singer feet are an important component of the sewing process.

Singer feet come in a variety of sizes and functions. Whether you need a low shank with a wide sewing foot or a narrow snap-on sewing foot often depends on your manufacturer and the model of your sewing machine. If your garment requires a variety of sewing details, there are different Singer feet that can apply those techniques effortlessly. You can add a fabric cord, a strand of pearls or a ruffle with the help of specially appointed Singer feet. 

The Sew Shop carries the following Singer feet:
  • Singer Low Shank Wide Feet
  • Singer Low Shank Narrow Feet
  • Singer Quantum Cording Feet
  • Singer Slant Feet
  • Singer Wide Snap-on Feet
  • Singer Vertical Ruffler Feet
  • Singer Buttonhole Feet
  • Singer Darning/Embroidery Feet
  • Singer Vertical Gathering Feet
  • Singer Vertical Cutter Feet
  • Singer Rolled Hem Feet
  • Singer Straight Stitch Feet
  • Singer Adjustable Zipper Feet
  • Singer Blind Hem Feet
  • Singer Zig Zag Feet
  • Singer Pintuck Feet
  • Singer Even Feed Walking Feet

The Singer feet listed above are only a sample of all the Singer feet types available. There are numerous Singer feet you can use to create the exact sewing design details your sewing projects require.

As one of six factory-authorized Singer warranty stations, the Sew Shop's experts can help you with learning how to switch out your Singer feet and show you how to use the function-specific Singer feet.

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If you're having trouble determining the date your Singer sewing machine was released from the factory, consult our helpful Date Your Singer Sewing Machine chart.

Expand the sewing functions of your Singer sewing machine with a variety of Singer feet for various sewing applications. Come to one of our local sewing centers or call the Sew Shop at 888-873-9822. For our online customers, feel free to call us or use the convenient contact form below to submit any Singer feet questions you may have.

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